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Using Dojo Widget with Zend_Form

This article shows usage of Dojo widgets(dijit) with Zend Form. Using dijit, it is possible to input date with calendar etc.

Ajax Auto Completion with Zend_Form

This article shows ajax auto completion with Zend_Form.

Validation of Zend_Form(Ajax version)

This article shows source code that validates data using Zend_Form and Ajax. It also uses Dojo library.

Using Select Element of Zend_Form

This article provides an example of using select element(Zend_Form_Element_Select) of Zend_Form. It also shows how to use custom filter(My_Filter_ArrayValue) created in previous article.

Design Example of Zend_Form

This article describes design elements that were used while creating demonstration site.

Implementing Multi Page Add/Update/Delete/View Screens

This article illustrates how to use the multi page add/update/delete/view action controller created in the previous article.

Creating Multi Page Add/Update/Delete/View Action Controller

This article shows multi page add/update/delete/view Action Controller. It works only on 1:1 relation.

Using Multi Page Form that extends Zend_Form

Using Multi Page Form

Creating Multi Page Form that extends Zend_Form

This article shows Multi Page Form that extends Zend_Form.

Validation of Zend_Form

Let’s validate submitted data using Zend Form.

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