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Validation of Zend_Form(Ajax version)

This article shows source code that validates data using Zend_Form and Ajax. It also uses Dojo library.

Using Relation Table with Zend Framework

This article shows an example of usage of relation table with Zend Framework.

Using Select Element of Zend_Form

This article provides an example of using select element(Zend_Form_Element_Select) of Zend_Form. It also shows how to use custom filter(My_Filter_ArrayValue) created in previous article.

Creating Custom Filter

This article shows how to create a custom filter that extends Zend_Filter_Interface. The filter in this article is used for replacing a value with array value.

Usage of Zend_Filter

This article shows an example of usage of Zend_Filter. It is used for filtering output of variables of view.

Examples about Writing URLs in Zend Framework

I’ve learned about writing url using helpers. This post is about it.

Design Example of Zend_Form

This article describes design elements that were used while creating demonstration site.

Implementing Multi Page Add/Update/Delete/View Screens

This article illustrates how to use the multi page add/update/delete/view action controller created in the previous article.

Creating Multi Page Add/Update/Delete/View Action Controller

This article shows multi page add/update/delete/view Action Controller. It works only on 1:1 relation.

Using Multi Page Form that extends Zend_Form

Using Multi Page Form



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