Implementing Add/Update/Delete/View Screens using Zend_Gdata_Spreadsheets

This article shows code that uses google spreadsheet CRUD controller created in previous article.
You can download the source code of this article from here.
You can check the screens from demonstration site.

1.Create bootstrap.php
Create the file application/bootstrap.php with the following content.
Please modify yourBaseUrl properly.

This article uses the following spreadsheet.
2.Create Model
Create the file application/models/form/GsheetForm.php with the following content.
3.Create Controller
Create the file application/constorllers/GsheetsController.php with the following content.
It extends My_Controller_Gsheets created in the previous article.
4.Create Views
Create the file application/views/scripts/gsheets/logon.phtml with the following content.

Create the file application/views/scripts/gsheets/list.phtml with the following content.

Create the file application/views/scripts/gsheets/detail.phtml with the following content.

Create the file application/views/scripts/gsheets/form.phtml with the following content.

Create the file application/views/scripts/gsheets/finish.phtml with the following content.

Access the web server and check add/update/delete/view screens that uses google spreadsheet.
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2008/5/8 Published

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