Install Zend Framework 1.5

Let’s try to install Zend Framework 1.5 and do first few steps of Official ZF QuickStart. You can download the source code of this article from here.

1. Download
Let’s download the latest version of Zend Framework 1.5 from Zend Framework download site.
2.Structure of the Directories
Structure of the directories is same as QuickStart

1:Copy library directory of Zend Framework.
2:This directory is the document root. It changes by your environment, it might be www, public_html and so on. The application and library directories must be inaccessible via your web server.
3.Create a Rewrite rule
Create the file public/.htaccess with the following content.
4.Create Index File
Create the file public/index.php with the following content.
5.Create Bootstrap File
Create the file application/bootstrap.php with the following content.
6.Create Index Controller
Create the file application/constorllers/IndexController.php with the following content.
7.Create View
Create the file application/views/scripts/index/index.phtml as following content.

Let’s access your web server(ex.http://localhost/). If it goes well, you can see ‘Zend Framework MVC at your service!’.
If you got some errors like 404 Not Found, Please try to use the RewriteBase rule of .htaccess file and absolute path of index.php and bootstrap.php.
I will try next few steps of the QuickStart.

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