Ajax Auto Completion with Zend_Form

This article shows ajax auto completion with Zend_Form.
You can see the screens from the demonstration site.

1.Create Controller
Create the file application/constorllers/LocaleController.php with the following content.
2.Create View
Create the file application/views/scripts/locale/index.phtml with the following content.

Specify the style class of body tag.

Access the web server and check ajax auto completion for the element.
Date Content
2008/4/29 Published
2008/4/29 Added description about specifying the style class of body tag.


  1. This all seems a nice post and theory but what if this form itself is loaded by an ajax call? How to you inject the Javascript of the view in the page of the client and get it executed?

  2. If you can use jquery, you can load a form html with the following code.

    In your controller, please use ajaxcontext.

    And create the file yourAction.ajax.phtml in your view script folder. It could be same with the above index.phtml file.

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